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Ultrasounds Specialist

Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG

Robotic Gynecological Surgeons and OB/GYNs located in Las Vegas, NV

Whether you’re looking forward to getting that first glimpse of your baby during your second-trimester ultrasound or in need of diagnosis for pelvic pain, Daniel Richards, MD, FACOG, at Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG, in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers convenient in-house ultrasounds. To schedule an ultrasound appointment with the gynecological specialists, call the office or book online today.

Ultrasounds Q & A

What are ultrasounds?

Ultrasounds, also called sonograms, create images of organs and other structures inside your body with high-frequency soundwaves. A device called a transducer transmits the soundwaves into your body. As the soundwaves bounce off tissues and organs, they return to the transducer, which sends the information to a computer, where they are converted into high-quality images. Because there is no radiation exposure during ultrasounds, they are considered safe for use during pregnancy.

How are ultrasounds performed?

The highly-trained team at Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG, performs the two main types of ultrasounds: 

Transvaginal ultrasounds

Transvaginal ultrasounds use a transducer inserted in the vagina to capture images. This process captures clear images of pelvic organs as the soundwaves do not travel through your skin. You can lie back and relax during the process, as the procedure is not painful.

Transabdominal ultrasounds

Transabdominal ultrasounds are most commonly used during pregnancy to evaluate the health of your baby but can also be used for diagnostic purposes. An ultrasound gel is applied to your abdomen to help soundwaves travel through your skin. The transducer is placed against your skin and moved around to capture images of your abdominal structures or your baby. 

Why are ultrasounds used during pregnancy?

Ultrasounds are commonly performed early in your pregnancy to confirm the pregnancy or potential for multiple births, estimate a due date, or to rule out ectopic pregnancies. Ultrasounds are also common during the second trimester to evaluate the health of your baby and the amount of amniotic fluid. It is also during the second-trimester ultrasound where the gender of the baby may be revealed should you want to know. 

Dr. Richards may also order an ultrasound at any time during your pregnancy to evaluate the health of your baby. 

What are diagnostic ultrasounds?

Diagnostic ultrasounds are used to determine the cause of gynecologic problems, conditions, and symptoms. Common gynecologic problems diagnosed through ultrasounds include:  

  • Endometriosis
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Pelvic pain
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Uterine fibroids

Dr. Richards may also perform an ultrasound if endometrial or ovarian cancer is suspected.

The team at Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG, is prepared to produce high-quality images through ultrasounds as needed. To schedule an ultrasound appointment, use the convenient online booking tool or call the practice today.

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