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7 Key Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Gynecologic Surgery

7 Key Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Gynecologic Surgery

Being told you need surgery can be stressful. But if you have a gynecologic condition that requires surgical intervention, minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery offers many benefits and far fewer risks compared to traditional operating methods. 

At Darin Swainston MD. FACOG in Las Vegas, Nevada, our board-certified providers are renowned for their expertise using robotic-assisted surgical systems to address many different gynecological conditions and concerns.

We also know that you probably have questions about this newer technology and the benefits it provides. Here’s a look at the advantages offered by robotic-assisted gynecologic surgery and the ways it can help safeguard your health.

1. Faster recovery time

During most traditional surgeries, your provider makes large incisions to access the surgical site and perform the necessary repairs. During robotic-assisted surgeries, on the other hand, your provider makes smaller incisions.

This means less cutting through skin, fat, muscles, and other tissues. The result? Your body heals faster after your procedure, reducing your recovery time and enabling you to return home and to your normal activities faster.

2. Less scarring

When your skin is cut, your body sends signals to repair the tissue. These repairs are made with highly fibrous tissues that cause scars. Since your provider makes smaller incisions during robotic-assisted surgeries, you have smaller, less noticeable scars. This is good news since scars can be painful, itchy, or rub against clothes.

3. Fewer risks

Given the smaller incision size and faster surgery time, you experience fewer surgical risks with robotic-assisted surgery compared to traditional surgeries. Of course, all surgery and anesthesia comes with some risks, including:

And any time an incision is made on your body, no matter how small, there’s a risk of infection. Your Darin Swainston MD. FACOG provider minimizes these risks and discusses any concerns you have before and after your procedure.

4. Better visualization during surgery

The high-resolution, 3D image of the operating field is magnified, giving your surgeon better visualization of the treatment area during your surgery. This is especially important during gynecologic procedures when the treatment area is typically small and difficult to see in traditional surgery. 

5. More surgical precision 

While your surgeon remains in control the entire time, the robotic system allows for greater precision than the human hand alone can provide. The system allows your surgeon to make precise, delicate movements using the machine, which responds to your provider’s hand and finger movements. 

Thanks to the enhanced flexibility, control, and precision robotic-assisted surgery allows, your Darin Swainston MD. FACOG provider can carry out delicate or complex procedures that might have been impossible or very risky with traditional surgical procedures. 

6. Less pain after your procedure

Because your robotic-assisted procedure requires smaller incisions and is more precise, your body sustains less tissue damage. This means you’ll experience less pain after your procedure. You’ll still need to rest and follow all post-surgery instructions, but you can expect to feel less pain and discomfort than you would after traditional surgery. 

7. Ability to treat a range of conditions

At Darin Swainston MD. FACOG, our providers use robotic-assisted surgery to address problems associated with many conditions affecting the female reproductive system. Some of the most common concerns treated with this type of minimally invasive surgery include:

Learn more about robotic-assisted gynecologic surgery and the benefits it provides by scheduling an appointment online or over the phone at Darin Swainston MD. FACOG in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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